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// Technology Stack - What Is It?

Technology at mirum

A technology stack is a complete set of technologies that companies use to develop a digital product or run a project. It includes everything from programming languages, frameworks, databases, frontend and backend tools to services accessed through an API. mirum also has its own tech stack. This allows you to quickly create your minimum viable product (MVP) or a complete application.


With our technology stack, we create cloud-native applications, which by nature:





Different tech stacks for different needs

A technology stack can be divided into different tools for frontend, backend and infrastructure. Each of these areas needs a specific approach and toolset to best leverage the company’s approach to creating digital products and the needs of the customer. What is important in each frontline?

The technology stack is not only determined by specific requirements or goals. You also need to consider the popularity and maturity of the technologies or solutions you choose. Avoid choosing technologies for which it is difficult to find engineers willing to use them. In addition, avoid solutions for which there is no vibrant community of supporters and developers.

The number of companies maintaining server infrastructure to support their products is decreasing every year. Cloud computing has proven to be a much more cost effective solution. It offers stability, flexibility and advanced security measures. The serverless approach (which removes costly and complicated infrastructure from the equation) is widely used in the market. Serverless eliminates the need to manage infrastructure, enables agility, and only incurs costs when you actually use something. At mirum, we believe it’s easier to build a powerful tech stack when you start with the cloud and build from there. This gives you even more control over the selection and compilation process. You will then also have the most suitable puzzle pieces.

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