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At mirum, we leverage various software development life cycle models, be they linear or agile, to provide smooth working processes and bring the most value to our clients.

There are many ways to organise developing and writing code. Although it is impossible to mandate one way as the only path, there is a great deal to learn from each one.


The development process comprises successive phases. Each phase can only be started when the previous one has been fully completed. The model can be used effectively for small and medium-sized projects with clear functional requirements. It is best suited for projects where strict deadlines, comprehensive documentation and predictable budgets are a must.


Our experience has shown that Scrum is currently one of the most popular agile frameworks. It is based on an iterative approach, constant communication between client and provider and a high development speed. With Scrum, the entire scope of work is divided into sprints of two to a maximum of four weeks' duration, with precise start and end dates. Because of the tight time frame, arduous tasks have to be broken down into smaller tasks so that the team learns faster.


Kanban is a popular lean workflow management method for defining, managing and improving services that deliver knowledge work. It helps you visualise work, maximise efficiency and continuously improve. Work is displayed on Kanban boards, allowing you to optimise the work output of multiple teams and handle even the most complex projects in a single environment.

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