Helping you see the world through different eyes, discover unimagined possibilities, and achieve results that bridge the gap between what is and what can be.



Esperance 99, D-47533 Kleve, Germany


// Mission

We are skilled technologists applying our passion for technology to help people and businesses around the world succeed and realise their potential. Our passion drives us to be innovative, creative and experts. Through our love of technology, we are constantly learning, motivated and excited about what we do.

// Vision

We build systems of success by creating sustainable added value for employees and clients through strategic development, growth and rapid adaptation of innovations.

// what we do

Empowering Clients
with Technology

mirum is a small, fast-growing software company.

The core of our work is to provide our clients with competitive advantages by designing and developing customised, powerful software solutions and helping them to create effective IT structures.

We are obsessed with technology and the endless possibilities it offers to make the world a better place.

Our clients find we are at our best when faced with one of their most challenging problems, and we enjoy tackling these types of problems. It excites us and motivates us to be even better.

We have a proud history built on great people who put the customer first and consistently deliver exceptional results with no surprises.

We work with our clients to understand the relationship between user experience, business objectives and information technology. It optimally combines these factors that get results.

// Our People

Making the Difference

Our employees make the difference.

We recruit and retain innovative thinkers who are dedicated to doing meaningful work that makes a difference. We work in a very entrepreneurial environment that stimulates innovation while adhering to well-established practices.

We attract the right talent – We have a flair for spotting wonderful talent and blending them in with the rest of the team. “Like Attracts Like,” says the law of attraction.

We have a strong history built on amazing individuals that put the needs of their customers first and consistently produce exceptional outcomes with no surprises.