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Life is too short to do mediocre work

If you are one of those people looking for meaning in your work, you will find it at mirum. We do our best to make you feel inspired and excited about your work and look forward to doing something that gets you out of bed every day. And not have you wondering every day when your next holiday is. We do, however, have a holiday policy and we encourage our staff to take advantage of it. But that’s another topic.

We’re always looking for talented team members with a customer-first mindset, a strong sense of responsibility, problem-solving skills, and a goal-driven mentality who seek out opportunities to add value.

// Skills play a role

Attitude is what matters

Our job descriptions are uncommon in one respect. They do not list skills as the primary criterion. Instead, the focus is on the qualities and behaviours one should bring to the job. That makes a great professional in any role.

Skills are mere tools for accomplishing tasks and can be learned and unlearned at any time. But the attitude you bring when you solve a problem makes all the difference and gives meaning to those skills and the people around you. That is what is most important to us. If this thinking appeals to you, we look forward to talking to you! Find out about the current openings and apply now!

// Not just money


Remote Work

Permanent home-office. Work remotely from anywhere in India!​

Healthcare and Insurances

Medical, dentist & vision insurance

Holidays and Annual Leave

Paid vacations and holidays.


Paid access to Training and Professional Development Platforms.


mirum is a mission-driven company with a long-term focus on expanding our operations

Performance Bonus

Your excellent work will be rewarded financially with a performance bonus.

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