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We do full life-cycle product development

mirum is a custom software development and engineering services company; we provide end-to-end software development services tailored to your business goals and industry requirements.

Whether you need a complex technology solution or a Minimum Viable Product, our global team of experts is ready to start your project.

Discovery & Design

Design Sprint

5-day discovery process to ideate, prototype and validate product idea with clients. Works for startups and enterprises alike.


Validate idea, get early customer feedback with interactive/working prototypes. Start selling to early adopters or raise money.

UX Design / Research

We make digital experiences and interactions more human to your clients. Our user-centered concept secures thoughtful and engaging experiences for clients.

Product Development


Our experienced architects can design high-performance and extensible architectures for all platforms and devices. You can be sure you are starting from a solid, scalable foundation.

Application Development

Our proven development teams have extensive experience across all platforms and devices. Supported by our mature process, they can deliver the most predictable iterations.

Quality Engineering

The quality of the product is often underestimated. From test planning to completion, our engineers use the best test tools and approaches to cover as many scenarios as possible.

DevOps, Maintenance


The end goal is the same, but the way you deliver to your customer and the path you choose are critical. Our engineers help you leverage DevOps for better IT performance and continuous output with fast delivery.


Reinvent your business processes to achieve better performance. We help you identify business processes, related systems and organisational structures that can perform better after a redesign.

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